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Replacing windows in our customers’ homes is one of our favourite replacement jobs to undertake. With such a fantastic range of products, colours, finishes &  styles, there is truly something to suit every client and property. We work with Upvc, Aluminium, timber & steel. From modern equal sightline flush style Upvc windows through to period hardwood box sash windows we have it all. Draw on our over 120 years of combined experience to help you with your design & installation. We have been undertaking repairs to windows since the 1970’s and have truly seen it all. We have handpicked the best components to ensure longevity, security, thermal performance and aesthetics to give you total confidence that what we install is going to be the best choice for you and your home.

 If you live in a conservation area and you have limited options to choose from we can assist in the replication of your existing windows in a large selection of timber hardwoods and softwoods with a natural or fully painted finish and upgraded thermal properties and security hardware. The glass that we use in Upvc windows can still be used in your period windows to give you outstanding products that will stand the test of time and give you all of the benefits you are hoping for. Another area in the conservation area category that we cover is slimline aluminium secondary glazing which sits in front of your windows to act as a thermal and draft barrier between the window and the inside of your home. Secondary glazing also reduces outside noise to a very high level. This can be particularly beneficial if you live near a busy road or airport.  We carefully measure your secondary glazing to ensure the slimline aluminium follows the sightlines of your existing windows. Put simply this means that you will hardly even notice it is there aesthetically, but you will reap all of the rewards of the thermal and noise reduction properties.


Rehau Windows

Our chosen Upvc window profile is extruded by the upvc masterminds Rehau established in 1948. They are always two steps ahead of the competition with upgrading thermal performance, aesthetics and robustness. From standard Upvc casement windows through to upvc flush casement and upvc box sash windows they have the best of the best in all categories giving you total confidence. As we mentioned above not only do we choose the best upvc profiles but also the best, upvc window handles, upvc window hinges and upvc window mechanisms along with the best sealants, adhesives and finishing trims and products. Our upvc, aluminium and timber windows are also installed by our full time employed seasoned glazing experts. We do not use any subcontractors to undertake any work for us as we take pride in offering our customers the personal touch and professionalism you would expect on every installation. We feel The Window Medic is unique as almost all of our competitors pay their installers on a pay per item installed basis. We see this method as particularly hazardous because the incentive for the installers is to get as many frames in as possible in the day for higher pay. We feel this is not the right way to go as time spend installing your windows & doors correctly is a huge part of what will make them stand the test of time and eliminate future problems. Also, if the finishing touches to your windows and doors is rushed, it will ruin the look of the finished product also. Our replacements also come with a 10-year insurance backed guarantee as standard.

Our google reviews section will provide you with a good insight into what our customers have to say about their individual experiences using The Window Medic. We treat every customer with the respect, courtesy and time they deserve and pride ourselves on continually looking for ways to improve and evolve. We will always go the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy from the first visit all the way through to completion and beyond. Your property will be left clean and tidy after any installation work has been undertaken.

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